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Adding Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and Others

Today I was working on a project and I had to search for some share functionalities. I wanted to get the original code from the original social media websites and not a third party hack or something like that. So I found codes for Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg. The only one that’s not from the original website is Twitter, so I used Tweetmeme instead.
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Creating a WordPress Theme (Part 1): Photoshop

In these series of posts I’ll explain how I created my blog’s theme. I’ll start with the basics and in the future will come up with more complicated stuff. Please leave your comment. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

In this post – Part 1 – we’ll start with the design in Photoshop. We’ll start with the basic – inspiration – and go through the entire process of building our design. I’m more a developer than a designer, but I hope I’m able to explain everything properly.
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