PHP Project: Simple Task Board

Simple Task Board is a very simple tasks management app. It is intended for people like me, that don’t need the power of one of these complex tools and/or don’t want to pay for them. Besides that, it is just another task management tool, built from scratch, open source, that anyone can help giving ideas and playing with it. Maybe with the support of the community we can keep it simple, while addressing the most common issues.


Created using CodeIgniter, the idea is that this application will remain simple, supporting only the most basic requirements of a task management system.

If you’re interested I moved the additional information here. Just reorganizing for better visibility.

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Oscar Dias

I work with software development since 2003 and I've used different programming languages. Currently I work with PHP in my own company Softerize.


  1. Hi,
    When trying to make the last step — install, server writes down the 404 error message “The requested URL /taskb/index.php/install was not found on this server.”
    the url was without “index.php”

    • Hi,

      I forgot one step of the installation. As the app uses the mod_rewrite apache module you also need to update the .htaccess according to your URL.
      So, if you have the app installed in http://localhost/taskb/ you need to set the last line of the .htaccess like this:

      RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /taskb/index.php/$1 [L]

      That should do it. Let me know if you get another error.

    • When you install the app you’ll need to access the /install URL. It will let you define which email and password to use. After you execute the install it will take you to the login screen (the install and the login screens look exact the same – the only difference is the button that says Install or Login). In the login screen you should use the same email and password you used in the install screen.

  2. Hello sir,

    Can we use this for our requirements and edit some parts of it?


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