So You Want To Develop An Online Casino…

What does it take to assemble an effective Web-based social gaming facility?

A perfect analogy for this instance would be online casinos are to e-commerce, just like resorts in Las Vegas are to large city hotels. While this analogy sounds quite daring, this comparison is actually close if you factor things like the technology used, the set-up time, and the fluctuating costs to develop these games.

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Developing an online casino is a challenging task indeed. Amusement gaming companies like Bwin will select expensive but stable software packages that will fit the type of social games they wish to operate. They have to consider options like using Java to run the games or to have customers download an executable package for them to play. Once the programming platform has been agreed on, they also have to look at the lineup of games that the developers will offer.

The security of the online casino is a vital factor in the success of your online casino venture. This is because there are constant money transactions that take place, and of course the servers will contain sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers or bank account details. Here are some methods that casino game service providers like Partypoker and IGT utilize for security:

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Data Encryption Protocols

This system applies a code to scramble all of the data received and sent by online casinos, making it (theoretically) useless for hackers. Only the official receiver can unscramble this information. At present, majority of online casinos (such as the secure Europa Casino and William Hill Casino of Playtech) prefer to use 256-Bit SSL encryption. There is a security button that you can press to reveal this information. Partypoker’s Twitter account provides customers with news about the latest updates to its gaming software, such as added security measures or new and improved features.

Firewalls and PIN Numbers

The data that is stored in an online casino server should be guarded from unauthorized entry, which is why software or hardware firewalls have to be installed. When a player accesses his or her account, he or she must enter the correct username and password. If the user wishes to deposit or withdraw money, a unique PIN number that is provided by the computer has to be input.

You may think that you are spending so much money just for the development of an online casino, but you will see its value by how advanced your software is. It puts together elements of graphics and sound, secure payment processing and database integration technologies in one package.