Google Creative Sandbox

Google Creative Sandbox

Google Creative Sandbox is open for ideas here in Brazil. It’s an opportunity for to test your idea and validate if it really is all you’ve imagined. The visibility and feedback from the community are two very interesting attractive of this initiative.

What is it?

Google Creative Sandbox is a Google’s initiative where everyone can share ideas. As an incentive Google offers R$ 35K to invest in your idea, a trip to Google’s headquarters in the US, where you’ll participate in coach sessions, and a videocase to help spreading the word.

For me the most interesting is the chance test your idea with the community and get feedback. All the visibility that this initiative can give to your idea makes this feedback more feasible. Besides all this, there are people with experience in the creative field to select the best ideas.

Well, let me take some space from the post to introduce my idea. 😉

Social Tourist Guide

Android app that will work similar to a forum, with some elements of social network, where tourists will be able to submit their doubts while they are traveling. According to their current or future location (pointed out by the user) of the tourist (the precise location will not be provided due to security reasons), users in the same region will get a notification about it and will be able to aid this tourist by posting answers. The app will be integrated to Google Maps to display the location of places like restaurants or shops. Each message will include the +1 for sharing. Registered users will also select the languages they understand. This way messages will be assigned according to the language. Google Translator will also be included to ease the communication.

Besides, the idea also includes a business model to enable it’s long term existence. A web interface will allow travel agencies register themselves through the payment of a fee. Once they do this, they’ll be able to answer questions and attach a service to the answer (like a travel package or a transport service). The app will also allow the complaint about abusive messages, like spam. This way it will be possible to control the quality of the service.

Brazilian World Cup will be a great test for this application.


If you have an idea (and live in Brazil) don’t miss this chance. And if you liked my idea go to Social Tourist Guide and click the +1. 😉