sustainability, ecology and green

If you’re into sustainability, ecology and green topics, maybe this is something you’ll be interested in. I just released a website called┬áthat is a online community for people worried about our planet’s future.

Sustainability has been a hot topic for some time now with sustainable actions increasing. The idea of this web app that I developed is to create a community where people can discuss and show what they are doing for our planet. My motivation for that is the growth of our planet’s population, which reached 7 billion last year. Worst than that is knowing that our population doubled in just 50 years. It just seems logic that our limited resources will have an impact in the near future.

The way to change this is to show that we care and we want to do something about it. If you are interested join and start connecting with other people.

showthatyouhelp is a web community dedicated to ecology, sustainability and green initiatives. Join us.