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Get Remote URL Info


Get Remote URL InfoGet Remote URL Info adds a button to the TinyMCE editor, which helps adding information about remote URLs. It will open a popup where you can enter the URL and the plugin will fetch the information (title, description and images) like Facebok or Google+. You can select the desired image as well. When you confirm, the image is uploaded to you server and a DIV with the information is added in your post. Because the information is added into the post, you can edit it as you want, customizing the way it is displayed.

This is the first version of this plugin. If people like it, I can improve by adding an admin page with options, some additional functionality and translations. You can give feedback by leaving a comment in here.

This is the link for the WordPress.org plugin page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/get-remote-url-info/.


For now, Get Remote URL Info is available in English.


1. Download using WordPress or download here and extract ‘get-remote-url-info.zip‘ contents into ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Check TinyMCE if the additional button is there


Additional TinyMCE button

Additional TinyMCE button

Popup to fetch URL information

Popup to fetch URL information

How it appears in the post, using the default styling

How it appears in the post, using the default styling



First version of the plugin

Upgrade Notice


First version


Please leave your feedback. If you found a bug or just want some additional feature implemented, leave your comments.

  • Nice plugin, thank you 🙂

  • entire3d

    Dear Author, I install the plugin and it really works fine. but I’m thinking of if i can fetch more information with it or may be the total information of a page will be better. Can you please tell me how can I fetch more information with this plugin?

    • Hello,

      This plugin only fetches the information from the META and open graph fields. After getting this information it goes in the page and searches for images. But that’s all it currently gets. What additional information are you trying to get?

  • Hi Oscar, thanks for the plugin. I was about to develop something similar and found your beautiful work.

    When I tried with different themes, its not showing up properly in few themes. I will try to add few features and will share with you.

  • Goktug

    Hi. First of all this I am appreciate for this plugin. But I want to add button to custom page. But I can’t do that. have you a solution for this.

    • What do you mean “add button to custom page”? The plugin is only for the admin section. If you want to add it to a page then I don’t have a solution and it needs to be developed.