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File Browser in CodeIgniter

This is a quick post. I’m going to show the code necessary to build a file browser in PHP using CodeIgniter. It allows file browsing in the server and opening files without leaving your app. Text files are displayed directly while other files are send to download. Continue reading

Creating a CodeIgniter App (Part 7): Validation

I decided to continue with the series about CodeIgniter, but now I’ll be writing about more specific topics. In this part, I’ll explain how to use the form_validation library to validate form and ensure the correct data reach the database. Even though it’s an specific topic, I’m going to continue using the same application from previous posts.

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Creating a CodeIgniter App (Part 6): Tasks

We finally got to the end of the series Creating a CodeIgniter App. We will conclude our Simple Task Board app with the development of the tasks section. This includes the creation of tasks for each project, the exhibition of these tasks in the dashboard and, of course, the exhibition of these tasks in a agile like task board.

To accomplish out task we’ll create a table in the database, a controller (we’ll also update two other controllers), a model and a view (we’ll also update two other views, the menu and the Template library). In order to complete it, some CSS and JavaScript.

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Creating a CodeIgniter App (Part 4): Users

In part 4 of this series I’ll be showing you how to create the user maintenance for our Simple Task Board app. It will include editing, adding and removing users. Everything will be done using CodeIgniter and I’ll explain the model, controller and views necessary to execute this task. Furthermore, jQuery will be added as well as some CSS.

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Creating a CodeIgniter App (Part 1): Introduction

Last week I wrote about a small CodeIgniter app called Simple Task Board. It is capable of managing multiple projects and tasks, but it is very simple, specially now that it is in the first version. So I thought it would be a good idea to explain how it was done. This explanation will occur in a series of posts, starting today with an introduction about CodeIgniter and about this specific application.

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PHP Project: Simple Task Board

Simple Task Board is a very simple tasks management app. It is intended for people like me, that don’t need the power of one of these complex tools and/or don’t want to pay for them. Besides that, it is just another task management tool, built from scratch, open source, that anyone can help giving ideas and playing with it. Maybe with the support of the community we can keep it simple, while addressing the most common issues.

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