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How to Add a Rate Field to WordPress Comments

In this article I’ll show you how to add a rating field to your WordPress comments. We’ll work with PHP to enable the new field and show it in the comments template. Also, we’re going to do some styling in order to give a nice look to the rate system. Finally we’ll also create a small JavaScript using jQuery to enable it.

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Creating a WordPress Theme (Part 6): Footer

This is the last part of the series. We’ve already seen the design creation, an introduction about the WordPress platform and the coding and styling of the entire theme except the footer.  So, in this last post, we’re going to do the footer and, to finish our blog, let’s also see some plugins. The footer is pretty simple and we’re going to add some additional styles that we’ve been using during the series.

If you want to catch up with the current status of our theme, please download it here.

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Creating a WordPress Theme (Part 5): Pages and Posts

In this part of the series we’re going to create the templates used for pages and posts. The page template is very simple because it only has the basic structure of our design. The post template has more details, which makes it more complex. In order to complete the post page, we’re also going to do the comments template.

The current file with the current theme can be downloaded here.

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Creating a WordPress Theme (Part 4): Home Page

As we continue with our theme’s development, I’ll show you in this article what changes we need in our index.php. So we’ll continue changing the files we copied from the Default theme and we’ll create new CSS styles. In order to complete the main part of our home page, we’ll also prepare our sidebar and add some functions to our theme.

If you didn’t read the previous article, click here to download our theme’s files.

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Creating a WordPress Theme (Part 3): Header

In the Part 3 of our series, we’re going to start (finally) with the development of our WordPress theme. As I’ll not be able to show everything in one article, I’ll show only the header development today. We’re going to use the Default theme as our starting point and change it according to our needs.

Remember to download the final design created in Part 1, because we’re going to use the Photoshop file to extract the header background, the menu background and the social media icons.

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